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Evidence-based religion

Salina Journal

By Roshana Ariel

‘Science is at least in part informed worship,’ Carl Sagan once said.

I just saw a new TEDx talk by the Rev. Michael Dowd, a self-proclaimed evolutionary theologian and Big History evangelist.

I got to know Dowd when I served as his assistant a couple of years ago at a conference in California called Integral Spiritual Experience, where he was the keynote speaker. He’s the author of "Thank God for Evolution."

Dowd’s latest talk is called "Reality Reconciles Science and Religion" (find it on you tube.com by putting the title in the search box).

Many years ago, Dowd was a pastor of the regular Christian variety. Maybe that’s why he appeals to me: I still am drawn to the evangelical enthusiasm and sense of the sacred that he exudes. Dowd graduated from Palmer Theological Seminary at Evangel University and was a United Church of Christ minister. He still considers himself a Christian but has a different take on God.

"What we call reality," he says, "the ancients called God ... or the gods."