Michael Dowd: Pro-Future Evangelist

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Rev. Michael Dowd blames anti-science fundamentalists for U.S. inaction on climate crisis

  • Pro-science pastor speaks at rallies and churches along cross-country Climate March
  • Bestselling Christian author claims that God has been speaking through science for centuries
  • Evolutionary evangelist says fundamentalist beliefs will create ‘hell on Earth’

Rev. Michael Dowd, author of the bestselling book Thank God for Evolution and Evolutionary Christianity podcasts, is preaching a prophetic warning at rallies and churches along an eight-month, cross-country Climate March currently underway.

In a fiery new sermon series, Rev. Dowd – a former fundamentalist with degrees from Evangel University and Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now Palmer Seminary) – confronts anti-science voices within the church who deny climate science and portray environmental protection as anti-Christian.

“Reality is God and evidence is scripture,” preaches Dowd. “Irresponsible ‘end times’ thinking is condemning our children and grandchildren to rising sea levels and a literal hell on Earth. If humanity doesn’t come into right relationship with Reality soon, we will perish.”

According to Dowd, anti-science fundamentalists are “false prophets” who are leading the church and the world astray and “disgracing God and gospel.” Dowd claims that if Jesus were alive today he would “rebuke” the Religious Right for turning its back on Reality and ignoring truth that God has been revealing through science for centuries.

“Nothing could be more Christian than challenging the religious establishment when it is on the wrong side of history and loving future generations enough to put their needs ahead of our own,” proclaims Dowd. “Nothing could be less Christian than condemning our grandchildren to hell and high water.”

According to recent polls, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary 46% of Americans still cling to the idea that we live on a ‘young earth’ and 41% believe that we are in the ‘end times’, creating a critical mass of voters whose representatives are blocking urgent legislation on climate change.

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