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Leading Christians embrace evolution in new series | Michael Dowd | Celebrating Reality

Leading Christians embrace evolution in new series

Rev. Michael Dowd to host historic dialogues about the future of faith

Thursday, January 6, 2011 - On January 15th, Rev. Michael Dowd — the minister who made headlines across America with his bestselling book, Thank GOD for EVOLUTION — will launch an historic series of online roundtable discussions for leading Christians to talk about evolution and the future of their faith.

The unprecedented series is bringing together leading Christian evolutionaries ranging from Catholic nuns to Nobel Prize-wining scientists, to talk about where they find common ground, instead of debating differences.

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The six-part series on EvolutionaryChristianity.com will explore what it means to be Christian in a myth-busting age of scientific discovery. Guests will include prominent, and often controversial, Christians, such as:

  • Professor Ken Miller, co-author of the most widely-used biology textbook in America, and lead witness in the Dover ‘intelligent design’ trial.
  • Karl Giberson, vice president of the BioLogos Foundation, an organization that helps conservative Christians integrate their faith with contemporary science.
  • Brian McLaren, a pastor named by Time magazine as one of America’s 25 most influential evangelicals.
  • Ian Lawton, a radical pastor whose church recently made national headlines for removing its cross.
  • Gail Worcelo, a Catholic nun and co-founder with the late Thomas Berry of Green Mountain Monastery, a new monastic community dedicated to the healing and protection of Earth and its life systems.
  • Owen Gingerich, professor emeritus of Astronomy and the History of Science at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and member of the American Scientific Affiliation, a society of evangelical scientists.
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During the last half of January, Dowd will lead six lively 90-minute conversations, followed by Q&A sessions, featuring questions from listeners around the world. Participants can register free in order to listen live at EvolutionaryChristianity.com.

> Click here for a complete schedule of live programs and guests

”In the modern era, science has revealed a reality far more majestic and awe-inspiring than the biblical writers could have possibly imagined. Now, for the first time ever, Christians from all backgrounds and beliefs are coming together to explore where we can find common ground and speak with one voice. What we’ve discovered is that, whatever our differences, we all have deep-time eyes, a global heart, and realistic hope grounded in seeing scientific and historical evidence as the main way God is revealing new truths today,” says Michael Dowd, host and producer of “The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity.”